Terms and Conditions of TRANSWITHUS.COM 


1. These Regulations, Terms & Conditions define the general conditions, principles and manner of providing electronic services via the

2. The Regulations, Term & Conditions define the rights and obligations of the Users, as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of as the managing and leading entity. Using of by the User means the acceptance of the following Regulations , Terms & Conditions in full and acknowledgment that its provisions determine the scope and terms of using the services offered on the website by

3. You can contact via email:

4. These Regulations, Terms & Conditions are available on the website, in a manner enabling Users to obtain, reproduce and record its contents by printing or saving them at any time.

5. All rights to, including proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights to its name, internet domain, website, as well as to forms, logos, belong to, and may only be used in the manner specified and in accordance with the Regulations, Terms & Conditions.

6.'s business activity is not a shipping activity and it does not consist in organizing already priced delivery. is only a service activity supporting land transport (PKD 52.21.Z, 52.29.B) and consists in providing the Customer and Transport Provider with the possibility to conclude an agreement for the performance of an already priced Transport Service. The activity of also consists of granting the User the opportunity to view other already priced transports posted by other Users, as well as other information posted in in accordance with the nature of its operation.

7. Using means any action by the User that leads him to read the contents of the website

8. The use of may only be carried out on the terms and in the scope indicated in the Regulations.

9. Minimum technical requirements for using

1. A computer with Internet access,

2. Access to electronic mail,

3. Internet browser,

4. Enabling Cookies and Javascript in the browser

10. The User is entitled to use resources only for his own use. does not agree to the use of resources and functions available on the website in order to conduct activities by the User that would infringe the interest of

11. It is forbidden for the User to use in a manner that violates the law, good manners and personal rights of third parties.


Article 1. Definitions
The terms used in the Regulations mean:

ADMINISTRATOR - Sebastian Strak, operating under the business name: "" Sebastian Strak with headquarters in Elblag 82-300, 11/20 Gen Andersa Street, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity conducted by the Minister of Economy, NIP: 969-113-05-71 REGON: 278104008 - An open online transaction service as part of which Transport Services are organized and other services related to Transport Services are provided, maintained on the following domains:,,

ACCOUNT - Free account maintained by individually for each User under a unique User name which is a collection of resources on which User's data is collected, including information about his activities on

REGISTRATION - Account creation procedure.

USER - An adult natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality that has made a proper Registration, as a result of which he obtained access to services provided by on the terms set out in the Regulations.

COMPANY - means an company within the meaning of art. 4 of the Act of July 2, 2004 on Freedom of Economic Activity (Journal of Laws of 2004 No. 173, item 1807, as amended).

TRANSPORT PROVIDER - User being an Company accepting and performing Transport Services as part of

CUSTOMER - A user ordering Transport Service by Transport Provider as part of

TRANSPORT SERVICE - Transport accepted by the Transport Provider to the Customer consisting in collection, transport and delivery of the items to the place of destination and all related activities that result from the description of a given transport service.

TRANSPORT - A priced transport placed by the Customer on the Deliveries List of

AGREEMENT - Contract for the provision of Transport Services concluded between the Customer and the Transport Provider at the time of acceptance of the Transport by the Transport Provider. For the proper performance of the Transport Service, the Customer is obliged to pay the Service Price to the Transport Provider. After the conclusion of the Agreement, the further course of action of both Parties to the Agreement results from the applicable provisions of law.

PRICE OF SERVICES - the price of a transport service which according to the Agreement is obliged to pay the Customer to the Transport Provider after performing the Transport Service. The Price of the Service is given in the currency of the Announcement and covers all costs of the Transport Provider related to the performance of the Agreement, in particular: all administrative costs, including transport costs, insurance, all other expenses related to the provision of Transportation Services, taxes, other costs resulting from the Agreement, Commission. The Price of the Service is the gross price (including VAT) and it exhausts all claims of the Transport Provider towards the Customer related to the performance of the Agreement. The Transport Provider shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any additional costs incurred in connection with the performance of the Contract.

DEPOSIT- Fee (10% included in the price), which the client is obliged to pay at the time of adding the delivery service to the delivery list

REGULATIONS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS - These Regulations of together with any attachments.

DELIVERY ITEM - Subject who may be the subject of Transport and which may consequently be the subject of a Transport Service in accordance with the Regulations.

HELP - An option located on enabling the User to obtain information on how to implement certain actions to achieve the desired goals.

USER ACCOUNT - A page/website assigned to the User Account, where information about the User is presented, such as comments, User statistics, information and materials placed by the User.


Article 2. Services provided by

1. Provision of services by is carried out in accordance with the principles set out in this document.

2. allows you to use services such as:

a. Free browsing information posted on including viewing Transports List

b. Free keeping of the Account on the Website

c. Providing an interactive form that allows the Customer to add Transport

d. Providing an interactive form that allows Transport Provider to accept Transport

e. Sharing the place to conclude the Agreement, under which the Customer paying the Initial Fee (10% of the valuation value) for adding the transport to the transport database

f. Posting feedback and ratings

g. Verification of licenses, insurance and certificates held by the Transport Provider

3. Agreement

a. for providing a service consisting in browsing information posted in is concluded for a definite period of time and is terminated when the User closes the website

b. for the provision of a service consisting in running an Account in is concluded for an indefinite period and is terminated when the Customer sends a request to delete the Account

c. for the provision of a service consisting in adding and presenting Transports is concluded for a definite period of time and is terminated upon acceptance of the Transport by the Transport Provider

d. for the provision of a service consisting in providing an interactive form enabling the Customerto quote the Transport is concluded for a definite period and is terminated upon acceptance of the Transport by the Transport Provider

e. for the provision of a service consisting in providing an interactive form enabling the Transport Provider to accept the Transport is concluded for a definite period and is terminated upon the acceptance of the Transport

f. fot the provision of a service consisting in providing a place for the conclusion of the Agreement is concluded for a definite period of time and is terminated upon acceptance of the Transport by the Transport Provider

g. for the provision of a service consisting of adding feedback and ratings is concluded for a definite period of time and is terminated upon the addition of a feedback and ratings,

h. for the provision of a service consisting in the verification of licenses, insurance and certificates held by the Transport Provideris concluded for a definite period and is terminated upon confirmation or refusal of confirmation of the above-mentioned documents held by the Carrier by

4. A user who is a consumer within the meaning of art. 22 [1] of the Civil Code within 14 days from the date of conclusion of each of the Agreements referred to in paragraph 3 above, may withdraw from it without giving reasons by submitting an appropriate statement from the Service Provider. If the Transport has been accepted by the Transport Provider within the meaning of the current law, the withdrawal from the contract with is physically impossible and paid initial fee is not refundable.

5. The Service Provider upon receiving a declaration of withdrawal from the contract by the consumer will send to the consumer's e-mail address confirmation of receipt of the statement.


Article 3. Registration

1. The ability to use as a User takes place after the following conditions have been met:

a. User's correct registration, in particular subject to the provisions of point 3.8 below,

b. acceptance of the Regulations, Terms & Conditions

c. acceptance of the clause regarding consent to the processing of personal details.

2. Customers in order to register, are required to complete an electronic registration form on by entering: name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, Username and password.

3. Customers using in connection with their business activity are also required to provide the name and business address of the registered office as well as the Tax Identification Number

4. The registration of a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality at may be performed by a person who is authorized to represent the entity and perform all activities related to the Registration on his behalf and to perform all rights and obligations of the User. In order to register, this person is obliged to complete the registration form by providing: his / her name, position, e-mail address, contact telephone number, full name and abbreviated name of the registered entity and the address of its registered office, tax number, National Court Register number. During Registration, the person authorized to represent the entity must enter the User's name and password.

5. If a given user registers as a Transport Provider, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, he is obliged to send copies of all documents and transport licenses needed for positive verification

6. During registration, as well as at a later date, the User may place information on his "Profile Page" about himself and about his activities, that information provided may not be intended to disregard when concluding an Agreement between Users. "Profile Page" will be generally visible to all visitors of

7. By registering, the User declares that he has read the Regulations, Terms & Conditions and consents to its wording, voluntarily joins the Account and services provided in this respect, and the details contained in the registration form are true and do not violate the rights of third parties.

8. By creating an Account, the User may agree to receive commercial and marketing information to the e-mail address or telephone number provided. The User may at any time revoke the consent to send commercial information.

9. After completing the activities indicated in points 3.1 - 3.7 above, a message will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form indicating the way of confirming the Registration/Verification. Upon confirmation of Registration/Verification, the User may use his / her Account and, hence, the services offered by

10. In the event of a negative verification of details provided, may refuse to conclude a contract for the provision of electronic services with the User, or respectively terminate the contract

11. During the verification of details provided in accordance with point 3.9 above, the User Account is not fully active, in particular the User:

a. can log in and get full access to the details on the "My Account" page,

b. can not actively use, ie. can not,place Transports, submit or accept Transports, use the messaging system between Users and can‘t the place comments and ratings.

12. The contract for the provision of electronic services between and the User is concluded upon Registration, for an indefinite period

13. As a result of proper registration creates for the User an Account assigned to the User's name provided in the registration form. The account contains User's details provided by him in the electronic registration form. In the event of subsequent changes to any of these details, the User is obliged to update them immediately, using the appropriate form available on The User is not able to change the User's name registered during the registration proces

14. enables integration with the User's account on the social networking site Facebook. Such integration, however, is not necessary to use the Website and other Services.

At any time, the user can integrate it with his own account on the social networking site Facebook, as well as at any time can remove this integration.


Article 4. Delivery Items

1. The Customer undertakes not to submit items whose transport violates applicable law, as well as those whose exhibition may be considered a violation of decency. Forbidden items are in particular: dangerous substances / objects and objects that do not pose a danger to life or health, however their transport is prohibited by law

2. Dangerous substances / objects, the transport of which is not prohibited by law, may be items sent via However, the description of the item to be sent must be detailed, contain information on the dangers of its transport and the recommended method of transport. The conditions of transport of the object / dangerous substance must be agreed by the Customer with the Transport Provider.

3. The Customer bears full responsibility for the compliance of the items / hazardous substances with the law. The Customer, as well as a person who contributes to the transport of goods prohibited by law or an improperly secured dangerous object, the carriage of which is legally permissible, may be prosecuted.

4. The Customer and Transport Provider are obliged to determine all information regarding the performance of a given Transport, in particular packaging of the items, loading / unloading, payment, exact time etc


Article 5. Delivery Website

1. To add Delivery to the List of Deliveries, the Customer makes a description of the item by using the form available on

2. It is forbidden in particular in the title or additional informations to provide contact details in the content of the Delivery and other contents aimed at contacting the Customer and the Transport Provider, bypassing

3. After confirmation by the Customer of the content of the Delivery description and payment of the Innitial Payment to, Delivery is available for Transport Providers on the Deliveries List at

After paying the initial payment, the transport can not be edited. Cancelation of Delivery by the Customer is possible until acceptance by the Transport Provider. In case of cancelation customer have to click button "Refund my initial Payment and cancel the delivery". The customer can find above button next to given delivery.

In this case, please contact us to describe the cancellation and refund of the initial payment.

4. The Transport Provider has the right to choose Delivery, which meets his expectations to the greatest extent. After the acceptance Transport Provider must realize the transport in full

If the Transport Provider fails to complete the Delivery without giving any reasonable reason , his account will be suspended.

5. The description of the item should be reliable and can not mislead other Users. The Customer shall bear full responsibility for the content placed by him in the Delivery Page , including any errors or inaccuracies

6. Upon the acceptance of the Delivery by the Transport Provider, the Customer, agrees to provide the Transport Provider who accepted the Delivery all details - including the following contact details: name, address, e-mail address and a telephone number, and in the case of a business entity, also the name and registered office of the business.

7. The transport should concern the Item. It is forbidden to place Advertisements of an advertising nature, in particular Advertisements aimed at advertising transport services.

8. reserves the right to delete or edit the Transport by the Administrator in case of violation of these Regulations. In this case the initial payment is not refundable.


Article 6. Quote the Delivery

1. After filling the details form on the website and confirming the entered details, the Customer receives the final (gross) price of the Delivery. After the initial payment has been paid, the given Delivery goes to the List of Deliveries for acceptance by one of the registered Transport Providers.

The Delivery page allows for communication between the Customer and the Transport Provider before acceptance - except for contact details. Messages containing contact details will be blocked by Administrator.

The Delivery together with the information are placed on the side of the given Delivery and become visible to all visitors of

2. Upon acceptance of the Delivery, the Transport Provider agrees to provide the Customer all details. The details provided includes the following contact details: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, name and address of the entity, TAX number.

3. The Transport Provider interested in Delivery acceptance in accordance with the Delivery content selects the "Accept  the Delivery“ button via the functionality available at, which is the acceptance of the Customer's Transport Service, referred to in point. 1 above. Upon receipt by the Customer of the information on the acceptance of his offer by the Transport Provider between the parties, the Agreement is concluded.

4. Only the verified Transport Provider can accept the delivery.

5. In the event that none of Transport Providers accepts the given Delivery and if the Customer does not prolong the Transport date, it shall be closed at the end of validity. In such a case, the initial payment is returned to the Customer


Article 7. Conclusion of the Agreement

1. If the Transport Provider has accepted a given Delivery, the Agreement for the provision of Transport Service is concluded

2. Immediately after accepting the Transport, the Customer and the Transport Provider should establish contact with each other.

3. The Transport Provider who accepted the Delivery is obliged to complete the transaction. At the time of accepting the Delivery, the Transport Provider accepts that all arrangements resulting from the content of the Transport page. In particular, these are: Price and additional arrangements carried out using the text message system.

4. Acceptance of Delivery, in principle can not be revoked, except when the transaction is prohibited by law or Regulations, and also if by fault of one of the parties, the Transport Service can not be properly performed, in particular when the Transport Provider offers other transport conditions than those resulting from accepted Delivery. The Customer may withdraw from the Agreement with the Transort Provider also in the case when unforeseen circumstances occurred, as a result of which the Customer no longer needs transport, however he must inform the Transport Provider and about 48 hours before the collection date. Otherwise the Initial Payment is not refundable.

5. The Transport provider has the right to view the Item prior to transport, refuse transport if the Item is forbidden by law or the content of these Regulations, if the actual parameters differ significantly from those given in the Delivery Page, or if the Customer omitted relevant information affecting the required Delivery conditions.


Article 8. The system of messages between Users

1. Transport Provider and the Customer may communicate via the message system, where they can send questions and answers regarding Delivery. The content of the message is placed on the page of the given Transport after verification and becomes visible to all visitors of The message notification is sent to the e-mail address of the message recipient.

2. The exchange of messages between the Transport Provider and the Customer is used to determine the conditions of Delivery.

3. It is forbidden to provide contact details and other content in the text of the message to contact the Customer and the Transport Provider outside of

4. The user is responsible for the messages they have placed

5. reserves the right to delete messages by the Administrator in case of violation of these Regulations


Article 9. Fees and Refunds

1. Adding of Delivery to the Delivery List by is payable. As a rule, the Customer is obliged to pay Deposit, however, it is included in the amount  of Delivery Quote and deducted from the Gross Amount due to the Transport Provider

2. VAT invoices are issued using the User's details provided on his Account

3. Deposit for service provided by is paid by the User to the designated bank account using the PayPal System and PayU System

4. does not hold customer payment details.

5. Refund of the Deposit due to the specifications (described in Art.10 point 2c) performed by service may take place until the Delivery will be take over by Transport Provider. The Customer can remove a given transport by clicking the link "Refund of the Deposit and cancel the Delivery" located next to the given Transport in the tab - My Account / My Deliveries / Awaiting Deliveries. From this moment TransWithUs have 14 days to refund You a Deposit. 

6. If the given Delivery can't be done from Transport Provider's fault - the Customer has right to claim penalty fee from the Transport Provider. The value of the penalty fee is equal to the amount of the deposit fee.



Article 10. The specification and responsibility of

1. in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulations allows Users to conclude Agreements, the subject of which is the provision of Transport Services. For this purpose, it provides Users with appropriate tools.

2. is not a courier or transport company. The role of is only to enable communication between Users, in particular:

a. making it easier for the Customer to find a Transport Provider

b. making it easier for the Transport Provider to find the Customer

c. operation specification is a matter of providing details enabling the Transport Provider to complete the transport ordered on by the Customer. The role of ends with the transfer of the above mentioned details to Transport Provider.

3. is not a party of agreements concluded between Users

4. In matters related to complaints and claims related to the quality, safety or legality of Transport Services and the legality of concluding Agreements between Users regarding them, the Transport Provider shall be liable

5. makes every effort to ensure that all details provided by Users is true and, in particular:

a. regarding Transport Providers licenses , insurance, ability to carry the delivery,

b. details provided by the Transport Provider on his "Profile Page“

6. In case of doubts as to the given details, we recommend contacting the Transport Provider

7. can not guarantee that the Customer and Transport Provider, despite the acceptance of Delivery, will complete the Delivery Service process, in particular it does not guarantee the quality of the Delivery Service and payment by the Costumer for the performed Delivery Service.


Article 11. System of feedback and reviews

1. As part of, Users are provided with a system of ratings and feedback, which is used to exchange feedback about Transport Service provided. The Transport Provider may issue a feedbacj/review from the Customer and the Customer may issue a feedback/review from Transport Provider . The received and issued Feddbacks and Reviews are published on the User's profile page and are available to any of The user issues the feedback/review voluntarily.

2. The Feedback/Review can be positive, negative or neutral and is always assigned to a given Account, and also to a given Delivery

3. The Feedback/ Review should be in accordance with applicable law, truthful, read in a clear manner and can not violate upon the rights of third parties.

4. The Administrator may delete the comment based on:

a. Feddback/Review has been mistakenly issued to the wrong User or to the incorrect Delivery Service, if the same has already been issued to the appropriate User, and the content clearly indicates a mistake;

b. the content of the Feedback/Review clearly indicates a mistake in the type of comment (positive, negative, neutral)

c. the Feedback/Review was issued by the User who acted with the intention of harming the other User

d. the content of the Feedback/Review contains characters that make it unreadable

5. The Feedback/Review submitted along with any replies will be canceled with the consent of both Users in the event that a request for cancellation is submitted by one of the Users with at least one of the following deadlines, i.e.

a. up to 120 days from the acceptance of the Delivery or up to 30 days from the date of the Feedback/Review

b. the other User will respond positively to the application no later than within 45 days of its receipt.

6. After canceling the Feedback/Review, it is not possible to comment on the same Transport again.


Article 12. Profile page

1. Information and Details on the User's Profile Page are visible to all visitors of

2. The Transport Provider may enter a text description about his services on his Profile page.

3. The user voluntarily publishes content, including pictures on his Profile Page.

4. It is unacceptable for Users to place on their Profile Page text or graphic materials that violate the rights protected by third party goods. By provading all details on his Profile Page, including, in particular, the picture containing his image, the User declares that he has proprietary copyrights for the photograph or license from the entity that has proprietary copyrights to disseminate it at


Artilcle 13. Account suspension

1. may suspend a User's account for a definite or indefinite period if:

a. User is to violate these Regulations, Terms & Conditions.

b. The User fails to pay the balance due to the other User

c. User's actions threaten the security of or the use of by other Users.

d. The details available on the User's Account or the User's activity, requires additional verification by of the data referred to in Article 3 (1). 2. - 3 par. 4. these Regulations.

2. During the account suspension, the User can not log in to the Account

3. At the moment of suspension the Account by the Administrator, all current Deliveries of the Customer are automatically withdrawn, and acceptance of these Deliveries by the Transport Providers is not possible. If the suspension resulted from the fault of the user, the initial payment will not be refunded.

4. The Administrator will unblock the Account after the User ceases to be in breach of the Regulations, repays the amount due to another User, or there will be another reason being the basis for account unblocking.

5. After unblocking the Account, previously discontinued Deliveries will not be placed again on

6. In particular cases, the User may submit an application to unblock the Account before the reasons of the blocking cease to exist and the Administrator has the right to temporarily or permanently unlock the Account.


Article 14. Delete Account

1. The User may delete the Account by contacting at any time upon request at :

2. An account may be deleted only after prior payment of all amounts due to other users.

3. The contract for the provision of electronic services concluded between and the User referred to in Art. 2 above , it is resolved when the account is deleted.

4. In the case of violation of the provisions of the Regulations, the Administrator may at any time delete the User's account, however it can be done only with a reason. In this case, the User may not register again at


Article 15. Privacy and confidentiality

1. Personal details provided by Users are collected and processed in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy RODO - details storage for is dealt with by IdealMedia sp. o.o. with headquarters in Elbląg, ul. Władysław Syrokomli 19

1a. Personal details are stored and secured according to the latest and best standards in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal details and on the free flow of details and the repeal of the Directive 95/46 / EC (generally referred to as RODO)

2. Users are disclosed personal details of other Users only in the cases provided for in the Regulations.

3. The User is obliged not to disclose to third parties information about other Users that he has received from, unless he has obtained prior consent from the Details User. The detaisl which User received from may use only for purposes related to the implementation of Transport.


Artilcle 16. Regulations, Terms & Conditions

1. The content of these Regulations including the amount of fees may change. The User will be informed about any changes by information on the home page that contains the date of their entry into force. The date of entry into force of the amendments will not be shorter than 14 days from the date of their publication. In the event that the User who has an Account does not accept the new content of the Regulations, he / she is obliged to notify within 14 days from the date of informing about the change in the Regulations. Lack of acceptance results in termination of the contract.

2. The Deliveries that entered the List of Deliveries before the changes came into effect are carried out on the current basis.

3. The law applicable to the entire agreement between the User and is the law of the country in which the user lives then otherwies Polish law.

Settlement of any disputes arising between and the Transport Provider or the Customer who runs a company is submitted to the court competent for the headquarters of

4. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law, in particular the Civil Code, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the provisions of the Act on consumer rights shall apply.

5. The Regulations have been drawn up in the Polish and English versions, but in the event of doubt, the Polish version of the text is decisive.


Article 18. Complaint procedure

1. The user may submit complaints related to the operation of

2. Complaints may be submitted in electronic form via the contact form or at or in writing by sending to the office address of The complaint should contain at least the name under which the User appears on and the description of the complaints.

3. If the details or informations provided in the complaint need to be supplemented before consideration of the complaint, ask the User submitting the complaint to supplement it in the indicated scope.

4. recognizes the complaint within 30 days of its receipt in the correct form.


Article 19. Out-of-court settlement of complaints.

1. Users who are consumers within the meaning of art. 22 [1] of the Civil Code may file their complaint through the EU ODR online platform, available at:


Article 20. Termination of business

1. In the event that decides to terminate the business, Users will be notified of this in advance, which will allow them to terminate all activities carried out by them on

2. Users with any Deliveries on the Account will be returned funds by bank transfer to the bank account number indicated by them.

3. When the website is terminated, i all Users' details will be stored on an internal server belonging to and stored there for the time required by applicable law.